Black History Month is a time to recognize Black existence and strength of the past — and it is also a time to find inspiration not just in the past but from today’s Black voices and change-makers.

The Limestone District School Board is committed to teaching and celebrating Black history every day while taking February as an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the local Black community.

Partnering with Kingston Frontenac Public Library, students and staff have the unique opportunity to welcome back and learn from a nationally renowned local talent who brings diverse perspectives to the forefront.

LDSB alum and poet Britta Badour, better known as Britta B., will be leading the writer’s workshops, What is Black Life? (Future, Past, and Present), online a with a focus on writing with the aim of re-envisioning the Black experience and Black existence.

Britta Badour is a powerful creator, partnering with organizations including JAYU, Poetry In Voice, Prologue Performing Arts, League of Canadian Poets and The Power Plant to support the development of fellow artists.