The Limestone District School Board is committed to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion for all staff and students. We recognize that the lived experiences of our staff and students contribute to the diversity of ideas and perspectives which in turn enriches our teaching, learning, and working environments.

As we strive to have all staff and students ‘see themselves in Limestone’, we need to better understand the current composition of our workforce with the goal of creating a more representative staff, at all levels across the organization, that mirrors the diversity of the broader communities we serve.

All Limestone District School Board staff are being asked to participate in the voluntary, anonymous, and confidential See Yourself in Limestone Workforce Census and Belonging Survey (WCBS). The WCBS will provide a snapshot of our current workforce and workplaces. Just as it is for students, we know that equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts are also important for staff and their workplace.

The See Yourself in Limestone Workforce Census and Belonging Survey will ask questions about identity that include languages, gender, sexual orientation, religion/creed/faith, ethnicity, race, nationality, disability and socioeconomics, education, job status, role, and questions relating to opportunities, sense of belonging, safety and well-being are also included.

The results of the survey will allow Limestone to better understand the makeup of our workforce and further inform the development of strategies to address gaps in employment equity through human resource planning, attraction, recruitment, retention, learning and growth, and advancement within the organization. The Workforce Census and Belonging Survey will inform the development and implementation of strategies aimed at eliminating identified gaps and barriers, increasing employee sense of belonging, and creating a more inclusive workplace where everyone sees themselves in Limestone.

They survey will be available to all employees of Limestone between April 29 and June 10, 2022. It is voluntary, anonymous, and confidential.

Learn more about the Workforce Census and Belonging Survey here.