Over the last several years, Kingston Transit and students of the Creative Arts Focus Program at Loyalist Collegiate & Vocational Institute (LCVI) have created unique community art concepts that connect citizens of Kingston with Public Transit.

Student-illustrated ceiling tiles installed inside a Kingston Transit bus.

In January 2020, students produced decorative ceiling tiles that interpret the four seasons of Kingston for installation on a Kingston Transit bus. In a style reminiscent of individual postcards, each piece of student art depicts a site or event throughout the city, from Confederation Basin to the airport, Loyalist Collegiate to the Skeleton Park Arts Festival. The 28 original, student illustrations will be displayed on the ceiling of Bus #2 for the next 12 years.

Most of the students were surprised to hear that their work could last the life of the bus.“It made me really happy to see that people would see and enjoy my art for 12 years and not just have it be seen offhand once or twice,” said Olivia DaSilva, a Grade 12 student and artist of Confederation Basin scene.

In 2019, selected bus shelters were wrapped with contemporary youth-designed art in Phase II of Kingston Transit and LDSB’s illustration collaboration. In 2018, Creative Arts students designed the artwork for a bus wrap representing the places, pursuits, and the freedoms they experience when they hop on board and explore Kingston.