Recently, the La Salle Secondary School Emergency Response Team was called to assist a local resident in a neighbouring apartment.

La Salle Emergency Response Team students David Keresztes, Alyssa Allen and Devin Smith.

La Salle Emergency Response Team students David Keresztes, Alyssa Allen and Devin Smith.

David Keresztes (Emergency Medical Responder and La Salle Intermediate & Secondary School student), Devin Smith (Emergency Medical Responder and Ernestown Secondary School student) and Alyssa Allen (Emergency First Responder and Frontenac Secondary School student) attended the call and provided first aid assistance for an elderly man who fell from his walker and injured himself. All three students attend the Emergency Response Focus Program based at La Salle Intermediate & Secondary School.

When the team arrived on scene, they assessed the situation and cared for the wounds that were visible on the gentlemen’s hands and head, while the vice principal call 911. David then began to ask the gentlemen’s medical and personal information, while Devin recorded the details for the paramedics. Meanwhile, Alyssa cared for the gentlemen’s hand wounds and wrapped them.

The team was incredibly efficient dealing with the situation. By the time Instructor Dave Chamberlain arrived on scene to further assess the situation, the students, nor the gentleman required further assistance as the group waited for paramedics to arrive. When the paramedics arrived on scene minutes later, the team provided the paramedics a M.I.S.T. report (a medical breakdown of the situation) and other important personal information. The patient was then loaded into the ambulance and the team returned to their co-op in the Emergency Response classroom.

“These students acted efficiently, professionally and provided care and comfort to someone in need,” said Mr. Chamberlain. “They did exactly what they were trained to do, and we are pleased they were able to help one of our neighbours in his time of distress.”

A few days later, the partner of the gentleman patient brought donuts to the school to thank the Emergency Response Team for its care. La Salle Vice Principal Janet Sanderson said the students should be very proud of their efforts. “We are extremely proud of our Emergency Response Program and are very fortunate to have them as part of our community here at La Salle.”

The Emergency Response Focus Program is geared toward those who are interested in a career in nursing or the emergency medical system, be it firefighting, law enforcement, or paramedic. The program will also show you careers in areas you may not have considered such as coast guard and corrections. Focus Programs enable students to come together to benefit from specialized equipment and training, many are part of the Specialist High Skills Major Programs (SHSM). The students also participate in Dual Credit partnership with St. Lawrence College. These programs are designed to help high school students make well-informed career decisions and to assist with a smooth transition to post-secondary education or the world of work.