The Student Sense of Belonging Report, released in April 2023, is the Board’s second report of data collected from the See Yourself in Limestone Student Census 2020.

The intention of this report is to create local knowledge about systemic barriers to equitable student experience based on race, religion, country of birth, newcomer status, and language. This report is one of several themed reports that will identify systemic barriers facing students in Limestone, and is not intended to place blame, nor to fuel shame and guilt. Rather, this information is shared so that everyone throughout Limestone can work together to build equity of hope for every student.

The See Yourself in Limestone Student Census: Report Summary (April 2023) offers a high-level overview of the contents of the full report.

More than 10,000 total surveys were completed by students and families in November and December 2020. The voluntary and confidential census asked a series of questions around identity and demographics to help the board better understand the diverse backgrounds, experiences, strengths and needs within our school communities. The overall goal of the student census is to improve achievement and well-being by identifying opportunities to help all students succeed.

Full Report – See Yourself in Limestone: Student Sense of Belonging Report One