Postcard promoting new school to home communication tools in Limestone.

The Limestone District School Board has enhanced its overall school to home communications to better serve students and families.

Beginning in the spring of 2018, the board began introducing a series of new electronic communication tools to improve how we share information. By January 2019, most of the new tools were now commonplace in both board and school communications.

The new tools include the Communicate broadcast tool, which replaces Synrevoice, and allows the Board and schools to push important messages to students, families, and staff via text, email or phone message. The tool is linked to the Board’s student information system and families choose how they wish to receive these alerts. This tool is especially helpful during emergency events.

School attendance has been made easier with the new SafeArrival absence reporting system which allows families and schools to report and manage student absences by phone, website or mobile app. This tool reduces the time it takes for our school staff to verify student attendance, and respond to unexpected or unplanned student absences. Families can also report planned absences well in advance.

The board’s first-ever free mobile app for Smartphones allows users to view district and school news and events, sync school calendars to their personal phone, receive school messages and report and review student absences.

To help users become more familiar with these new tools, a number of how-to videos and guides were created.