A Grade 5 class at Southview Public School in Napanee is using mindful meditation every morning to help students monitor and be aware of their energy levels.

The intent is to allow students to calm themselves using their breath so they may attain and maintain a calm, focused brain.

Teacher Monica McLeod came up with idea following a collaborative inquiry (professional development practices) about student focus and the effect of regular meditation on a person’s ability to maintain focus, self-regulate and maintain a calm state. The results were encouraging so she has continued the practice with some modifications along the way. Students report they find the daily meditation helps them relax and de-stress. This provides a calming and positive start and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

She began by using a meditation program from Australia and has since moved on to other websites and music programs which support this practice. Here is a short video of the class meditating at the start of the day.