Supporting students in the development of an entrepreneurial mindset and establishing their networking, leadership, money management, and risk assessment skills.

Limestone’s Young Entrepreneur in Action program is a three-year pilot to promote entrepreneurship education for students. In this first year, LDSB invited students in Grades 9-12 to generate an idea, submit a business proposal, receive seed funding, and learn from a network of local entrepreneurs in their community. 

The culminating activity to their year-long work in developing an entrepreneurial project was the Limestone Young Entrepreneurs in Action Spring Showcase, an opportunity for students to meet local entrepreneurs face-to-face in a rapid-fire pitch party at Queen’s University in April 2023.

Limestone’s young entrepreneurs launched ventures including mental health shirts, community gardens, app development, lawn care, water bottle stickers, and mental health video games. Students pitched their ideas to local community entrepreneurs, displaying what they had learned and where they hoped to take their ideas.

LDSB is one of 60 participating school boards promoting entrepreneurship as a career choice that can be pursued via all post-secondary destinations (i.e., apprenticeships and skilled trades, college, community living, university, workplace) and empowers young entrepreneurs to consider the idea of launching a start-up. In the 2023-2024 school year, the program will be extended to students in Grades 7-12.