Identifying and removing discriminatory biases and systemic barriers that may limit access opportunity for effective student engagement and achievement.

The LDSB Student Human Rights Incidents and Complaints Form was created and released for use in October 2022. This form allows students, staff, families, and community members to report human rights concerns that involve Limestone students in a fair, timely, and consistent manner, and ensure that appropriate response, resolution, and support are provided. All submitted complaints are reviewed by the Human Rights and Equity Advisor who then forwards the complaint for resolution to the appropriate school-based administrator or senior staff member.

There have been 170 human rights complaints submitted through this form between October 2022 and July 31, 2023. This data serves as a critical tool in our mission to uphold human rights within the LDSB community. This data is being analyzed and used to determine where additional human rights and equity learning, and supports are required in schools.

As part of the Board’s efforts to promote human rights education and awareness throughout our system, we have recently unveiled a multimedia campaign, including the creation of a compelling Human Rights Video, and accompanying posters

Limestone recently updated the Student Human Rights Incident and Complaint procedure as we remain committed to creating a safe, accessible, and transparent system for our students and families.