Fast 101 (Fighting Against Sex Trafficking) is hosting two sessions (one for secondary students and one for parents, guardians, and community members) called “Break the Silence – Break the Chains – Human Trafficking is Closer Than You Think.” 

Student event

A one-day conference has been organized by Doug van der Horden and members of F.A.S.T. 101 (Fighting Against Sex Trafficking) for secondary students within the Limestone District School Board.

The conference is called, “Break the Silence – Break the Chains” – Human Trafficking Is Closer Than You Think. It will unpack the realities surrounding Human Trafficking and on-line safety as it pertains to our youth. Two keynote speakers are lined up for the day and several community agencies that will be on site for students to explore and direct questions to.

The day will include activities where students can engage, while at the same time, learn more about the current issues surrounding Human Trafficking.

Date: Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Time: 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Location: Kingston Gospel Temple: 2295 Princess Street, Kingston
Cost: FREE (Students are to bring a lunch)
Transportation: Arranged by school – Covered by Board Office 

Keynote Speakers

Kelly Beale (Toronto Assistant Crown Attorney Lawyer)

Kelly will be explaining what human trafficking is, identifiers of human trafficking, and how traffickers lure their victims. She will provide several examples of victims she’s worked with and the ways in which they were targeted by their traffickers. She will also discuss what can be done if you, or someone you know, is being trafficked or is at risk of being trafficked; what supports are out there and different steps that can be taken.  

She will be presenting topics such as:

Matt Richardson, (Digital Empowerment Project)

Matt will be presenting and will make students aware of online risks and how they manifest and apply online, including popular social and gaming platforms.

Topics will include:

For each risk introduced students will be empowered with practical and fair measures to mitigate exposure to potentially dangerous situations and people encountered online.