Limestone continues to expand its partnership with Loving Spoonful’s school-garden based GROW Project, teaching good food, community, and collaboration.

More than 850 elementary students in Grades 4-8 participate in hands-on workshops where they plant, care for, and harvest vegetables in their school gardens while learning values of stewardship and responsibility. A series of seven curriculum-connected classroom workshops complement their garden time, teaching students about healthy eating, food security, social justice, ecology, climate change, cooking, and more.

GROW reaches beyond our classrooms to connect students to more than good food. Through classroom workshops, guest visitors, the fence mural project, and donations of produce, student connect to their local community. Nature-based field trips deepen their understanding of the links between food, health, community, and the Earth.

Volunteers help the GROW Project succeed. To learn more, or to become involved, visit the Loving Spoonful website.