Students in the Building Construction Internship Program (BCIP) are hosting an Open House celebrating the ‘Tiny Homes’ they have completed this year, marking their 100th house project.

This year, students in the BCIP program embarked on a project in partnership with Habitat for Humanity and Kingston Home Builders Association. The Tiny Homes were created for safe, healthy, and affordable housing in the Kingston area, and have a cascading effect as a hand up for our community’s most vulnerable. BCIP students are looking forward to sharing stories with family, friends, community members, media, and members of the public at Monday’s open house.

About the Building Construction Internship Program

The Building Construction Internship Program has been running for 30 years. Thousands of Limestone students have participated in the program, with the alumni found on nearly every construction site in the Kingston area. Currently, their collective dedication and hard work has delivered the program to the summit of their 100th house. 

The BCIP’s influence is felt beyond the communities served by Limestone and helps to shape secondary programming in Ontario. The province’s Specialist High Skills Major program is modelled on the cross-curricular, project-based learning.

Limestone District School Board is very proud of the impact that the Building Construction Internship Program has had locally and beyond.